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The Road User Behaviour Analysis (RUBA) project is a watch-dog tool for computer-based analysis of traffic videos. The program can be used on Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers.

RUBA is developed by the Visual Analysis of People Lab at Aalborg University, Denmark, in collaboration with the Traffic Safety Research Group at Aalborg University.

RUBA allows the user to draw fields (detectors) on the video image by using a simple click-based drawing tool. The sensitivity of the detector, regarding movement in the image, is adjusted by different parameters in the program. Figure 1 shows an example of how a traffic analysis can be conducted in RUBA.

Figure | Analysis in RUBA

Getting started

  • Get the latest version of RUBA from the downloads section:
    • Windows: Download the RUBA-Win64.msi file and launch the installer.
    • MacOS: Download the file with the .dmg extension, extract the archive and drag the RUBA app to the Applications folder. Because the RUBA app is not signed, you may need to temporarily change your security settings.
    • Linux: There are currently no Linux builds available. However, it is possible to build RUBA from Qt Creator. See the compilation page.
  • Follow the steps under Video Analysis in RUBA to start using the program.

Using RUBA

How to contribute

Please feel free to use RUBA and see if it fits your use case and research needs. If you encounter a bug by doing so, or if you have any suggestions on the further improvement of RUBA, please report it in our issue tracker.

If you want to support the development even further, download the latest developer edition from the downloads section. Once you have opened RUBA, take a look at the change log found in "Window -> Open Changelog". The change log indicates which modules have been changed in recent builds and therefore needs additional testing to ensure stability.


You may also download the source code of RUBA and compile the program yourselves. See the compilation page for further instructions.


The RUBA source code is licensed under the MIT License. The RUBA application is free to use and requires no royalties whatsoever. We use the Qt software framework which is based on the LGPL license. See the detailed license page for more information.


RUBA was developed in 2018 at Aalborg University, Denmark, by Chris H. Bahnsen, Tanja K. O. Madsen, Morten B. Jensen, Harry Lahrmann & Thomas B. Moeslund. Video analysis software, user manual and documentation are available at

If using RUBA, please cite one of our papers, for instance:

For additional inspiration on RUBA and video analysis, see for instance:

  • Madsen, T. K. O., & Lahrmann, H. S. (2017). Comparison of five bicycle facility designs in signalized intersections using traffic conflict studies. Transportation Research. Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 46(Part B), 438-450.

  • Jensen, M. B., Bahnsen, C. H., Lahrmann, H. S., Madsen, T. K. O., & Moeslund, T. B. (2018). Collecting Traffic Video Data using Portable Poles: Survey, Proposal, and Analysis. Journal of Transportation Technologies, 8(4), [88175].


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 635895.

This publication reflects only the authors' view. Responsibility for the information and views expressed therein lies entirely with the authors. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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