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Welcome to your beam-project's repository! Beam is created to display song-information for dancers in milongas. Visit our official website for more information:

Ok, the website is currently down and gets redirected to this page. But there are some remains on that might be helpful:

Keep on beaming!



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Known Bugs



Downloading and starting executables

Beam executables are provided on the Bitbucket repository download page from the current release. Have a look onto the date column to get something recent - or maybe an older version if you need that.

There are executables for Windows, currently developed on Windows 10, and for Linux, currently developed on XUbuntu 20.04 "Focal" and Mint 20 "Cinnamon".

For Apple macOS there is no new executable and the sources are not tested, this has to be done. If you're able to install Python3.9 and download the Beam sources from the Bitbucket repository, please volunteer.

A configuration file BeamConfig.json in your home directory ("$USERHOME") from previous versions will get get read and converted. You'll find the new configuration in a subdirectory '$USERHOME/.beam'.

If you experience issues, please take a look into the FAQ.

However, there may be reasons that you do not want a single file execute, but install Python3 and interpret the sources directly. How to do that is decribed in For Developer.

Microsoft Windows

Download 'beam-win-v0.5.exe' and copy it to a directory you like and start it. You can do that by a double click in the file explorer, but from a commmand line you will see the log output in case there are errors.


Download 'beam-lin-v0.5', copy it to a directory you like and start it. You can do that by a double click in a file explorer, but from a shell you will see the log output in case there are errors.

Apple macOS

There is currently no new executable for Apple macOS. But if you can install Python3 on your Mac, just like on Windows or Linux, download '' and use the Python interpreter. So that requires a little more knowledge than an executable, which is described in "For Developer". The source files may or may not run on MacOS, the conversion from Python 2 is not negligible and I cannot test it. But the project is still open source and free, so feel free to participate.

Music player

It's not that all listed player in all there versions get tested, it's just that there is a module you can test.


  • Foobar2000 (*)
  • Icecast (*)
  • iTunes
  • JRiver (under development)
  • MediaMonkey (*)
  • Mixxx (*)
  • Spotify
  • WinAMP / AIMP (*)

Apple macOS

  • Cog
  • Decibel
  • Embrace
  • Icecast (*)
  • iTunes
  • Mixxx (*)
  • Spotify
  • Swinsian
  • Vox


  • Audacious
  • Banshee
  • Clementine
  • Icecast (*)
  • Mixxx (*)
  • Rhythmbox
  • Spotify
  • Strawberry