Iteration 1045 – Mercurial 1.7

Mercurial logo

It seems just like yesterday that we were in Chicago for the sprint to get Mercurial 1.7 out the door, which happened on Nov 1st.

We’re thrilled to announce that with this week’s release, Bitbucket now supports Mercurial 1.7(.1). With 1.7, we get a raft of fixes and improvements that you can read about in the release notes.

This Mercurial release is largely focused on the client side, so you’ll want to update your clients. No worries though, Bitbucket and Mercurial are backwards compatible with older client versions.

In addition to upgrading Bitbucket’s Mercurial integration, here is the full list of changes since our last post:

  • Improvement: Upgraded to Mercurial 1.7.1
  • Improvement: Private repositories can now have a public wiki and / or issue tracker
  • Bug: When querying a source file that no longer exist in the mercurial db we no longer generate a 404
  • Bug: Corrected some UI errors on the ‘Plans and Pricing’ panel
  • Bug: New tags do not show up in the “tags” drop down
  • Bug: File history changesets are not always displayed in chronological order
  • Bug: The hg clone link for a repository is sometimes incorrect when using a CNAME
  • Bug: Corrected an error when attempting to register a username that has case-insensitive duplicates
  • Bug: Related repositories drop-down in pull request form sometimes doesn’t work
  • Bug: Public activity for users is not displaying event items
  • Bug: Pull requests do not show your fork
  • Bug: File history isn’t always displayed in the correct order
  • Bug: Gravatars sometimes don’t use the secure CDN under HTTPS
  • Bug: The front page doesn’t use the secure CDN at all under HTTPS when logged out
  • Bug: Wiki heading css ids can conflict with ids used else where on the site
  • Bug: Dashboard display error after renaming a repository with “-” and/or “.”
  • Bug: Error when attempting to rename an account to a username that has case-insensitive duplicates
  • Bug: POST broker doesn’t work when the destination URL doesn’t have a scheme
  • Bug: Twitter broker error for users who previously had this configured pre-oAuth
  • Bug: Users can create repos named “..” (but can’t do anything with them)

In team-news, we’ve just ordered a giant HDTV screen for our Bitbucket wallboard in Sydney. There are a ton of different measurements we could put on it, and we’re looking for inspiration from the entries in the Ultimate Wallboard contest that Atlassian is running. Do you guys have any ideas? What are the things you measure in your dev team?