Mercurial 1.7 Sprint in Chicago ongoing

We (Jesper & Justen) are currently at the Google Offices in Chicago, continuing on the 2nd day of the Mercurial sprint.

A lot of good ideas and discussions happened on Friday, and today is more focused on actual work. Observe, the Mercurial hackers:

The Mercurial Team

A lot has been going on. Everything from bug triaging, discussing high-level ideas for future features, and debating how to make Mercurial scale better on the web. Often, the head-honcho Matt (creator of Mercurial) will share his knowledge, and everyone just listen. If you’ve been on IRC, you’ve no doubt seen the core team be very active–this is definitely the time to be excited about Mercurial. We certainly are.

Remember that tonight, Bitbucket is sponsoring drinks at the Sidebar Grille in Chicago, so if you’re interested in talking to us (or the rest of the Mercurial team), or if you’re just thirsty, make sure to swing by. 8:30-10pm!