Transition Jira issues on merge

Developers understand the importance of keeping their team up to date on work and use many of the integrations between Bitbucket Cloud and Jira like smart commits and automation triggers to do so automatically. However there may be times where there are nuances or uncommon situations when merging a pull request that aren't covered by existing automation rules – sometimes there are multiple pull requests, or sometimes merging means you're now in 'Done' and other times you're in 'Releasing'. So to give developers the flexibility to keep their team up to date without having to leave the context of their work, we've added a new section in the merge dialog that lets them transition a Jira issue when merging a pull request.

An issue is related to your pull request if the issue key appears in a commit message, title, or description. If you have one or more issues related to to your pull request you'll see the Transition issues menu. If you have more than three related issues we'll just show you the first three. Within this menu you can choose which issues you want to transition, and which transition you want to perform. Hit merge and that's it, your issues will be transitioned!

This functionality in conjunction with automation triggers gives development teams additional ways for developers to keep their teams up to date without the need for context switching, catering for both common and uncommon scenarios as part of your workflow.

Try Bitbucket and Jira together today and see how else they can help your development team!