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Welcome to the JavaRosa Wiki!

JavaRosa is an open-source platform for data collection on mobile devices. At its core, JavaRosa is based on the XForms standard -- the official W3C standard for next-generation data collection and interchange. JavaRosa is written in Java Mobile Edition (J2ME), and supports a wide array of devices, from top-end smart phones and PDAs with large screens and abundant memory, to low-end devices like the Nokia 6085 and 2630. Making JavaRosa usable on low-resource devices is one of the project's highest priorities.

JavaRosa is a product of the OpenRosa consortium.

Community Support

#javarosa on

Skype Discussion Group

Google Group Mailing List

Latest Release

JavaRosa 1.0 Alpha (a j2me client for the javarosa-core engine) has been released! Download it here.

You can also give a look to the quick start user guide on JavaRosa 1.0.

We are currently working on QAing the alpha for release, you can help here!


If you have a question, chances are we've answered at frequently asked questions


If you need more information checkout the TOC at JavaRosa Table of Content for links to important topics.

Getting Started

Check out our getting started guide to learn how to work with the JavaRosa source code. Developers should sign up to the mailing list and skype chat (you'll need to message the mailing list with your skype id to get added to the skype chat)

Using JavaRosa

For folks who are mostly interested in trying to use JavaRosa for a project, a page of general instructions is available here.

Filing Issues

File bug reports, feature requests and any other issues at the issue tracker

Contributing Code

How to contribute code to JavaRosa: submitting patches and code review

If you are reviewing code submitted to a repository, read the guidelines for code reviewers

Project Steering Committee & Voting

The election and voting process of the community is explained here


JavaRosa is an open source project and is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

In order to submit patches, contributors must sign an agreement, in which they give over their copyright to the foundation that manages the licensing of the project. These agreements are available for Individuals and Corporations.

To understand what this means for you, a good guide can be read here: What Does it MEAN.

JavaROSA Conference, Tanzania 2009

Outcomes from the coders corner 2009

OpenRosa Standards

The standards supported by the OpenRosa community.

OpenRosa Standards / APIs