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Welcome to the wiki page of the first Java-based NeuroIS tool for economic experiments.


This is a team project under construction at the Institute for Information Systems & Marketing, the chair of Prof. Dr. Christof Weinhardt, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


  • To develop a framework for conducting economic experiments on Java.
  • Implement the basic building blocks of experiments, such as "Trial", "Session", "Repeated", "Stranger/Partner Matching", etc.
  • Enable to design experiments using Java Swing's extensive UI toolbox.
  • To integrate elements of Neuro- and Psychophysio- logical experiments, such as Event markers, and Sensor data handling.
  • Easier data analysis by directly logging Events of interest into the database
  • Achieving a stable core, and make the platform available for distribution and use.


  • Dr. Marc Adam
  • Dr. Verena Dorner
  • Dr. Jella Pfeiffer
  • Anuja Hariharan
  • Marius Müller
  • Ewa Lux
  • An Thuy Tien Luong
  • Tonda Roder
  • Looking for researchers /research teams to implement and run their experiment on the platform
  • Looking for students to enhance the platform

Have fun!

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