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Welcome to the GOKZ Wiki. This will be an official source of information about the GOKZ plugin package.

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Kreedz (KZ) is a gamemode where the player traverses through a course as fast as possible.

GOKZ is a SourceMod plugin that facilitates this gamemode in CS:GO.

It is designed to be the successor of KZTimer, a plugin that was used for essentially every CS:GO KZ server for many years.

Feature Overview

  • Timer - Times runs by automatically detecting the use of start and end buttons in KZ maps.
  • Movement Modes - Custom movement mechanics. Includes Vanilla, SimpleKZ and KZTimer modes.
  • Jumpstats - Detailed statistics of your jumps and each individual air strafe.
  • Customisable Experience - Tonnes of options to provide the best possible experience for players.
  • Database Support - Store player times, options and more using either a MySQL or SQLite database.
  • Replays - Record replays of the server's fastest times and use bots to play them back.
  • Map bonus support, HUD, teleport menu, noclip, !goto, !measure and much, much more.


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