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    MCPatcher is a set of mods for the game Minecraft. Originally developed to add support for higher-resolution texture packs and fonts than the default 16x16, it has since expanded to include many more creative options for texture pack authors. Many texture packs rely heavily on features provided by MCPatcher.

Most Minecraft mods are version-specific: they are compiled for one version of the game only. MCPatcher's unique bytecode-matching engine allows the same patcher version to work with multiple versions of Minecraft including snapshots.

MCPatcher is offered as open source under the MIT license.


  • Extended custom animation support. Animate any texture, not just items and blocks. Mob skins, chests, GUI screens, and more can be animated.
  • Random mob skins. Provide multiple textures for any mob and the game will randomly choose one. The alternate textures can be grouped by biome and depth to create snow-, desert-, or cave-themed mobs.
  • Custom colors. Override colors and graphical elements that are not normally editable including sky, fog, foliage, water, text, and much more.
  • Connected Textures. Connect blocks to their neighbors, randomize common textures to add variety, and create multi-block texture patterns.
  • Better Glass. Add translucency to glass blocks and panes using a custom overlay.
  • Better Skies. Customize skyboxes to create breathtaking day and night vistas. Also improves the look of fireworks against the night sky.
  • Custom Item Textures. Change the appearance of weapons and tools as they are damaged. Customize the appearance of named items. Create effects for different enchantment types.

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