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Welcome to Seed

Welcome to my game project wiki page. You'll find info on how to install/play the game or to help it become an even more awesome game.

Name: Seed Status: IN DEVELOPMENT

What is it?

Seed is a game about you, playing a plant. I want it as close as possible to reality, so your goal is to grow old and spread your genes in order to improve your species.

You'll have to manage two main aspects of your plant. The underground part will allow you to grow your roots deep under the surface to collect rare nutriments and water. The surface part will force you to adapt to plenty of events. Day, night, seasons and such will affect the way you grow high to get the precious sunlight.

Spread the genes?

Exactly, it means that your incredible highscore is worth nothing if you don't spread the actual benefits of thoses cool genes to your progeny. Meaning that your highscore will only be saved when you reproduce. What's cool with that is that you can benefit of it, by taking control of one of your own progeny and continue the evolution with slight starting bonuses.


  • Fancy graphics using LÖVE
  • Different species to unlock
  • Living world with random events
  • Achievements
  • Online scoreboard
  • Unlimited coolness of playing a plant

Development: what is needed?

  • More great ideas
  • Lot of work !

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