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Welcome to the ACID Wiki

This Wiki collects practical information and tips helping you to optimally use ACID in your research. Being a Wiki it is collaborative in nature, so feel free to edit and improve it's content!


Two versions of the toolbox are available: the ACID toolbox has been developed for brain DTI data, while ACID-SC has been developed for spinal cord DTI data.
The applied methods and tools are conceptually similar in both brain and spinal DTI; however, the two versions of the toolbox contain tools designed for only brain or spinal cord DTI, respectively. Furthermore,
the default settings for various methods are different in the two versions.

Below, we provide a description of each module of the ACID and the ACID-SC toolbox.

ACID - Brain

ACID - Spinal cord

For more information on the ACID-SC toolbox, see the upcoming paper David et al., 2019.

Getting started

Learn more about how to download and install ACID.


Latest tutorial at the SPM-Course in Hamburg 2018 is available here:

A tutorial on processing and analyzing spinal cord DTI dataset using the ACID-SC toolbox is available here:, along with an example dataset:.


There is a tagged version of ACID that only works on SPM8 (this is not supported anymore - please be aware when using it). The current version of ACID works on SPM12 (Matlab 2013-2016). Note, that it is a beta version and we are grateful for any comments regarding its compatibility with SPM12 and current Matlab versions.

Example ACID pipelines (still for SPM8 only - sorry...)