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The SceneGate Viewer is provided by the Infinite Metaverse Alliance® LLC (IMA) Development Team:

SceneGate is a community development effort based on the open source Alchemy Viewer codebase developed by the Alchemy Development Group. Aligned with the Helios project sponsored by IMA, the SceneGate Team will focus on improvements in usability, accessibility, and interoperability with Open Simulator. Special recognition goes out to the Alchemy Development Group for its work providing a modern, high quality, feature-rich viewer codebase.

SceneGate includes open source code and contributions from:

  • IMA Development Team
  • Thales Nederland BV
  • Alchemy Development Group
  • Individual contributors
Simplified Tutorials Extended Tutorials
Installing the SceneGate Viewer Using the Grid Manager
Getting Started Using the Extended Me Menu
Logging in to a Grid Creating Your Profile
Using the Simplified Me Menu Customizing Your Appearance
Using the Simplified World Menu Enabling Voice Toggle for the Speak Button
Using Accessibility Features Accessing Your Inventory
Using the Movement Controls Customizing Your Toolbar Buttons
Using the Camera Controls Using the Extended Communicate Menu
Using Environment Controls Using the Extended World Menu
Using Media Controls Adjusting Your Preferences
Communicating with Other Avatars Using About Land
Using the Favorites Bar Using the Extended Build Menu
Using the World Map Using the Advanced Menu
Using Viewer Modes Using the Develop Menu

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