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Controls and extensions listed in this project

This page lists all the available controls within the UI Extensions project. To look at the detailed documentation page, click the name of the control.



Control Description Menu Command Component Command Notes Donate Credits
Accordion An Accordian style control with animated segments. Sourced from [here]. N/A Component / UI / Extensions / AccordionGroup demo video ChoMPHi
Component / UI / Extensions / AccordionItem demo video ChoMPHi
Color Picker A color picker UI N/A (Use Prefab) Project folder includes prefab and sample scene judah4 yosun kurozael gamedev1020192 troien boredmormon
Selection Box An RTS style selection box control UI / Extensions / Selection Box UI / Extensions / Selection Box tutorial video Korindian, BenZed
UIFlippable Improved Image control with image flipping options UI / Extensions / UI Flippable UI / Extensions / Flippable tutorial video ChoMPHi
UIWindowBase A draggable Window implementation UI / Extensions / UI Window Base UI / Extensions / UI Window Base tutorial video GXMark, alexzzzz, CaoMengde777, TroyDavis
ComboBox A fixed combobox implementation for text UI / Extensions / ComboBox UI / Extensions / ComboBox tutorial video Perchik
AutoCompleteComboBox A text combobox with autocomplete selection UI / Extensions / AutoComplete ComboBox UI / Extensions / AutoComplete ComboBox tutorial video Perchik
DropDownList A basic drop down list with text and image support UI / Extensions / Dropdown List UI / Extensions / Dropdown List tutorial video Perchik
ToolTip A basic Tooltip implementation UI / Extensions / Tooltip UI / Extensions / ToolTip drHogan
HoverToolTip A basic hover Tooltip implementation UI / Extensions / Hover Tooltip UI / Extensions / Hover Tooltip drHogan
BoundToolTip An alternate Tooltip implementation with central listener UI / Extensions / Bound Tooltip / Tooltip UI / Extensions / Bound Tooltip / Tooltip Item Offset and tooltip placement needs work Martin Sharkbomb
UI / Extensions / Bound Tooltip / Tooltip Trigger Martin Sharkbomb
UI_Knob A radial Knob style control UI / Extensions / UI_Knob UI / Extensions / UI_Knob tutorial video Tomasz Schelenz
TextPic Enhanced Text control that supports adding images inside text UI / Extensions / TextPic UI / Extensions / TextPic drobina, w34edrtfg, playemgames
ImageExtended Improved Image control with rotation support and use of filled type without an Image (useful for masks) UI / Extensions / Image Extended Ges
InputFocus Enhanced InputField control for forms, enables Enter to submit and other features UI / Extensions / InputFocus Zelek
Box Slider A slider which supports both X and Y values within a box UI / Extensions / Box Slider Demo video judah4
MultiTouch ScrollRect Fixed version of the scroll rect to properly handle multiple touches UI / Extensions / MultiTouchScrollRect PixelEnvision
CooldownButton A selectable extension to provide a "cooldown" capability, preventing the button from being usable until a specified amount of time has passed UI / Extensions / CooldownButton SimonDarksideJ
Segmented Control A segmented control, like those found on iOS. It's two or more buttons side by side, where only one of them is selectable at a time UI / Extensions / SegmentedControl David Gileadi
Stepper A stepper control, like those found in iOS. It's basically two buttons side by side, and can step its numeric value up and down UI / Extensions / Stepper David Gileadi
Range Slider A slider control that can support range values with min/max UI / Extensions / Range Slider UI / Extensions / Range Slider Demo video Ben MacKinnon @Dover8



Control Description Menu Command Component Command Notes Donate Credits
UILineRenderer Graphic control for drawing lines in the UI System UI / Extensions / Primitives / UI Line Renderer UI / Extensions / Primitives / UI Line Renderer tutorial video jack.sydorenko
UILineTextureRenderer Graphic control for drawing lines in the UI System UI / Extensions / Primitives / UI Line Texture Renderer UI / Extensions / Primitives / UI Line Texture Renderer tutorial video jack.sydorenko, jonbro5556
UICircle Graphic control for drawing circles in the UI System UI / Extensions / Primitives / UI Circle UI / Extensions / Primitives / UI Circle tutorial video zge
DiamondGraph Graphic control for drawing a diamond in the UI System UI / Extensions / Primitives / DiamondGraph UI / Extensions / Primitives / DiamondGraph 5.2+ only tutorial video koohddang
UICornerCut Graphic control for drawing a diamond in the UI System UI/Extensions/Primitives/Cut Corners UI/Extensions/Primitives/Cut Corners Freezy
UIPolygon Graphic control for drawing custom polygons in the UI System UI / Extensions / Primitives / UI Polygon UI/Extensions/Primitives/UI Polygon CiaccoDavide



Layout Description Menu Command Component Command Notes Donate Credits
Card UI A table layout system supporting customizable column and row sizes / layout N/A N/A ryanslikesocool
ContentScrollSnap A dynamic scroll snap control supporting differently sized content UI/Extensions/ContentSnapScrollHorizontal Beka Westberg
CurvedLayout A curved layout system Layout / Extensions / Curved Layout Freezy
FancyScrollView A dynamic layout system with inbuilt animations/event system N/A Code Only N/A Code Only setchi
FlowLayoutGroup A more rugged grid style layout group Layout / Extensions / Flow Layout Group Example Video Simie
ScrollSnap An alternate scroll snap control supporting both Horizontal and Vertical layouts in one control UI / Extensions / Fixed Item Scroll / Snap Horizontal Single Item xesenix
HorizontalScrollSnap A pages scroll rect that can work in steps / pages, includes button support UI / Extensions / Horizontal Scroll Snap Layout / Extensions / Horizontal Scroll Snap tutorial video BinaryX
VerticalScrollSnap A pages scroll rect that can work in steps / pages, includes button support UI / Extensions / Vertical Scroll Snap Layout / Extensions / Vertical Scroll Snap tutorial video BinaryX, Simon Darkside Jackson
UI / Extensions / Fixed Item Scroll / Snap Horizontal Multiple Item
UI / Extensions / Fixed Item Scroll / Snap Vertical Single Item
UI / Extensions / Fixed Item Scroll / Snap Vertical Multiple Item
RadialLayout A radial layout system Layout / Extensions / Radial Layout tutorial video Danny Goodayle
ReorderableList A dynamic control allowing drag and drop of child elements with reordering support UI/Extensions/Re-orderable Lists/Re-orderable Vertical Scroll Rect UI/Extensions/Re-orderable list Example Ziboo
UI/Extensions/Re-orderable Lists/Re-orderable Horizontal Scroll Rect
UI/Extensions/Re-orderable Lists/Re-orderable Grid Scroll Rect
UI/Extensions/Re-orderable Lists/Re-orderable Vertical List
UI/Extensions/Re-orderable Lists/Re-orderable Horizontal List
UI/Extensions/Re-orderable Lists/Re-orderable Grid
TableLayoutGroup A table layout system supporting customizable column and row sizes / layout Layout / Extensions / Table Layout Group RahulOfTheRamanEffect
TileSizeFitter A fitter layout that will shrink / expand content by tiles Layout / Extensions / TileSizeFitter tutorial video Ges
UIVerticalScroller Rolling scrolling selector UI / Extensions / Vertical Scroller Layout / Extensions / Vertical Scroller Donate



Effect Description Component Command Notes Donate Credits
BestFitOutline An improved outline effect UI / Effects / Extensions / Best Fit Outline Melang
CurvedText A Text vertex manipulator for those users NOT using TextMeshPro (why ever not?) UI / Effects / Extensions / Curved Text Breyer
Gradient Apply vertex colours in a gradient on any UI object UI / Effects / Extensions / Gradient Breyer
Gradient2 Apply vertex colours in a gradient on any UI object UI / Effects / Extensions / Gradient2 Breyer
LetterSpacing Allows finer control of text spacing UI / Effects / Extensions / Letter Spacing Deeperbeige
NicerOutline Another outline control UI / Effects / Extensions / Nicer Outline Melang
RaycastMask An example of an enhanced mask component able to work with the image data. Enables picking on image parts and not just the Rect Transform UI / Effects / Extensions / Raycast Mask senritsu
UIFlippable Image component effect to flip the graphic UI / Effects / Extensions / UI Flippable ChoMPHi
UIImageCrop Shader based mask system which clips to specific ranges X&Y UI / Effects / Extensions / UI Image Crop 00christian00
SoftAlphaMask Shader based mask able to clip images using an alpha mask UI / Effects / Extensions / Soft Mask Script Donate NemoKrad
CylinderText An alternate curved text effect UI / Effects / Extensions / Cylinder Text Breyer
UIParticleSystem Implementation of a particle system on a canvas UI / Effects / Extensions / UI Particle System 5.3+ only Glennpow
MonoSpacing Allows finer control of text spacing UI / Effects / Extensions / Mono Spacing Herbst
CurlyUI A UI Effect that will make your UI Curly UI / Effects / Extensions / CUI*** Titinious



Component Description Component Command Notes Donate Credits
ReturnKeyTrigger Enables you to bind the return key within an InputField control to a button UI / Extensions / ReturnKey Trigger Melang
TabNavigation An example Tab navigation script, updated to add manual navigation UI / Extensions / Tab Navigation Melang, omatase
uGUITools Menu / uGUI Senshi
ScrollRectTweener Tweening solution for ScrollRects, add smoothing automatically UI / Extensions / ScrollRectTweener tutorial video Martin Sharkbomb
ScrollRectLinker ScrollRect Linker script, enable multiple ScrollRects to move together UI / Extensions / ScrollRectLinker tutorial video Martin Sharkbomb
ScrollRectEx Improved ScrollRect control, enables support for Nested ScrollRects UI / Extensions / ScrollRectEx tutorial video CaptainSchnittchen, GamesRUs
UIScrollToSelection Enables a ScrollRect to scroll based on the selected child automatically UI / Extensions / UIScrollToSelection zero3growlithe
UISelectableExtension Refactor of original UIButton control, can now add Press/Release and Hold events to any Selectable control UI / Extensions / UI Selectable Extension AriathTheWise / Simon Jackson
switchToRectTransform RectTransform extension method to move one Rect to another N/A Izitmee
ScrollConflictManager Resolves dragging issues with multiple nested scroll rects UI / Extensions / Scrollrect Conflict Manager tutorial video srinivas sunil
CLFZ2 LZF Compression library to compress data N/A Check the readme in the Utilities folder mrbroshkin, Agent_007
DragCorrector Utility to manage the EventSystem drag threshold for high DPI systems UI / Extensions / Drag Corrector FireOApache
PPIViewer Simple script to attach to a text component to display the current DPI/PPI UI / Extensions / PPI Viewer FireOApache
UI_TweenScale Dynamic scalling of text or image (including button) based on curves UI / Extensions / UI Tween Scale tutorial video Tomasz Schelenz
UI_ScrollRectOcclusion Disables the objects outside of the scrollrect viewport. Useful for scrolls with lots of content UI / Extensions / UI ScrollRect Occlusion tutorial video Tomasz Schelenz
UI_InfiniteScroll Configures automatically - works in both vertical and horizontal (but not both at the same time) - drag and drop - can be initialized by code UI / Extensions / UI Infinite Scroll tutorial video Tomasz Schelenz
UI_MagneticInfiniteScroll An extension of the InfiniteScroll control that adds a hot spot region to anchor child elements when scrolling finishes. UI / Extensions / UI Magnetic Infinite Scroll Febo Zodiaco
Non Drawing Graphic Graphic control that does not draw or update, useful for hidden buttons when used with the Selectable Extension UI / Extensions / NonDrawingGraphic Slipp Douglas Thompson
SelectableScalar A simple tween scaler to affect Rect Transform scale on other controls UI / Extensions / Selectable Scalar Demo video Tomasz Schelenz
UILineConnector A Line Renderer helper used to draw a chain between multiple gameObjects, like a node connector UI / Extensions / UILineConnector Alastair Aitchison
UIHighlightable A custom component to enable RectTransform highlighting without the Unity UI Selectable control. UI / Extensions / UIHighlightable SimonDarksideJ
Menu System A customisable menu management system for the Unity UI. UI / Extensions / Menu Manager Example Project Nezz (Adam Kapos)
Pagination Manager A management script to attach to the Horizontal or Vertical Scroll snaps to enable automatic click navigation. UI / Extensions / Pagination Manager Brogan King (@BroganKing)

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