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Blaze 3.8

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Blaze 3.7

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Blaze 3.6

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Blaze 3.5

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Blaze 3.4

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Blaze 3.3

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Blaze 3.2

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Blaze 3.1

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  • Released on February, 18th, 2017
  • Improved kernels for large matrix/matrix multiplications
  • Introduction of the declsym(), declherm(), decllow(), declupp(), and decldiag() operations
    • Provide optimizations for symmetric matrix/matrix multiplications
    • Provide optimizations for Hermitian matrix/matrix multiplications
    • Provide optimizations for lower or upper triangular matrix/matrix multiplications
    • Provide optimizations for diagonal matrix/matrix multiplications
  • Introduction of the eigen() functions for the computation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • Introduction of the svd() functions for the singular value decomposition
  • Introduction of the trace() function
  • Introduction of the evaluate() function
  • Introduction of 5 new componentwise operations for vectors and matrices: exp2, exp10, log2, trunc, round
  • Introduction of predicate-based erase() functions to all sparse vectors and matrices
  • Improved compatibility with OpenBLAS
  • Improved compatibility with the Intel compilers
  • Renamed the clip() function to clamp()

Blaze 3.0

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-3.0.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-3.0.jpg

  • Released on August, 24th, 2016
  • Upgrade to C++14
  • Introduction of vector/vector divisions
  • Introduction of custom operations (forEach())
  • Introduction of 25 new componentwise operations for vectors and matrices:
  • Introduction of initializer list constructors and assignment operators for dense vectors and matrices
  • Support for fused multiply-add (FMA)
  • Support for the Intel SVML
  • Improved and extended support for AVX-512
  • Removal of the direct initialization constructors of StaticVector and StaticMatrix
  • Removal of the Dense and Sparse prefix of all views
    • DenseSubvector and SparseSubvector have been merged into the Subvector class template
    • DenseSubmatrix and SparseSubmatrix have been merged into the Submatrix class template
    • DenseRow and SparseRow have been merged into the Row class template
    • DenseColumn and SparseColumn have been merged into the Column class template
  • Removal of the byDefault matrix inversion flag
  • 114 new test cases

Blaze 2.6

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Blaze 2.5

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Blaze 2.4

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Blaze 2.3

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-2.3.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-2.3.jpg

  • Released on March, 11th, 2015
  • Introduction of lower and upper triangular matrices
  • Optimized kernels for triangular matrices
  • Improved kernels for dense matrix/vector multiplications
  • 748 new test cases

Blaze 2.2

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-2.2.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-2.2.jpg

  • Released on December, 3rd, 2014
  • Introduction of symmetric matrices
  • Improved support for block-structured vectors and matrices

Blaze 2.1

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-2.1.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-2.1.jpg

Blaze 2.0

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-2.0.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-2.0.jpg

Blaze 1.5

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  • Released on January, 5th, 2014
  • Significant performance improvements for various compilers, including GCC-4.7, GCC-4.8 and the Clang compiler

Blaze 1.4

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-1.4.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-1.4.jpg

  • Released on November, 11th, 2013
  • Introduction of subvector and submatrix views
  • Switch from the GPL to the BSD license

Blaze 1.3

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-1.3.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-1.3.jpg

  • Released on July, 28th, 2013
  • Support for AVX2 processors
  • Performance optimization of several operations (including e.g. outer products)
  • Complete vectorization of vector and matrix operations involving std::complex
  • Serialization of vectors and matrices

Blaze 1.2

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-1.2.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-1.2.jpg

  • Released on May, 24th, 2013
  • Introduction of row and column views
  • Myriads of small changes and improvements

Blaze 1.1

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-1.1.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-1.1.jpg

  • Released on January, 20th, 2013
  • Support for the Intel® MIC architecture
  • Introduction of the 3D cross product
  • Improved performance of the sparse matrix-matrix multiplication (spMMM)
  • Improved support and performance for non-fundamental element types (for instance for block-structured matrices)
  • Improved and extended aliasing detection and automatic optimization
  • Rework of the random number generation module (for instance for the generation of random vectors and matrices)
  • Improved vector and matrix output

Blaze 1.0

images/white20x120.jpg images/blaze-1.0.jpg images/white40x120.jpg images/blaze-docu-1.0.jpg

  • Released on August, 24th, 2012
  • Initial release of the Blaze library