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Welcome to SCL's manips group page

Getting Started with the Wiki

Installation and Help

Git Merging and Collabration

SCL Control Architecture & Robot Specific Programming

SCL Software Design Ideology & Code Organization

Creating Controllers and Robot Models

SCL Distributed Setup (with Redis)

SCL Extensions

Bot to Bot (Natural Language HRI)


How do I?

Help me! (Weird errors)

Sample Applications

Debugging control implementations

Haptic fMRI Interface Documentation

Here is part of the documentation for the HFI:

Puma Operation

Kuka iiwa Operation

Kuka lwr Operation

Motion Capture Operation

Barrett WAM Operation

Kinova Jaco Operation

NeuroArm Configuration

Here are notes on how to configure various hardware and software platforms on NeuroArm:

Using NeuroArm

Here are notes on how to build your own app that controls NeuroArm:

Nengo Robot Controller

Neural Controller

Haptic Teleoperation Demo & KUKA Torque Interface

  • Intro : WBC with the KUKA LWR
  • Build : Build the Project
  • Usage : How to setup and run the demo
  • Software : How to use SMIC and the KUKA Torque Interface to run your own SCL controllers on the LWR


People Pages

Here are private pages for people's programming and misc. notes: